Βιολογικοί ακατέργαστοι σπόροι Κακάο (Cocoa Nibs) GREEN PANDA 250γρ



Organic cacao nibs

This 100% biodegradable bag contains 250g cacao nibs, made from premium cacao beans. The Green Panda Cacao Nibs contain no added sugar, other additives or added flavours and contain no milk.

• from raw premium cacao beans
• healthy snack, slightly tart in taste
• with fibre, potassium, calcium and iron

The Green Panda Cacao Nibs…
…come from controlled organic farming and are vegan. The unadulterated chocolaty taste of the cacao nibs brings the moment of happiness for health-conscious sweet tooth.
The cacao nibs contain valuable iron, have a high calcium content and are rich in fibre.

Did you know that
…cacao nibs are actually cacao beans that are broken into small pieces? Due to the gentle drying process, they retain all their important nutrients and raw food quality, unlike, for example, milk chocolate where the cacao beans are roasted and many of the nutrients are lost.

Tips for use
You can use Cacao Nibs for delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls, as a topping for your cereal or for baking cakes and banana bread. Cacao Nibs are also great for energy balls, homemade granola and much more.
1 tablespoon daily

Recipe tip: Cacao Nibs Energy Balls
Stone 100g dates, cut them into small pieces and put them together with a pinch of sea salt, a pinch of vanilla and 1 tablespoon Organic raw cacao powder into a coarse mass. Roast 40g hazelnuts in a pan and add to the date mixture and chop everything finely. Finally add 20g cacao nibs. Form the mixture into a ball and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Form the cooled mass into balls and if you like roll them in some cacao powder or chopped nuts.